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Asuna, resurrected from the abyss.
A community led platform to empower people of all ages and cultures. Take control of your finances…
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Ninja Game

Asuna Token is bringing the Future of Blockchain P2E Gaming to you now! Every Week we will run a New Competition with a Top 10 Players!!

Will we see you on the Leader Board?

Asuna NFT Collection

Asuna Token is proud to offer the Hottest NFT’s in the Crypto space. Our Exclusive Editions sell fast, so Grab yours today on Rarible before their gone!
  • HD Quality
  • 1080x1080p
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  • Unique Drawing NFT’s
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1 ASUNA Token =
0.00000001 BTC
ICO Participants:
Whitepaper V2
NFTs Collection

Our Mission

Are you ready for the future?
Because we are!

To give an investing opportunity and financial freedom to the next generation of crypto traders. Just because the crypto industry is still taking youthful steps in evolution, that does not mean that wealth and financial freedom should not belong to everyone, this is your chance to grasp it with both hands. 

Only 3% of the population take crypto seriously enough to invest, this only means that you are still an early investor, Asuna exists to bridge that gap in your life, between you and financial freedom. 

The Asuna project knows the future, it’s community can show you the path, wealth creation has never been so easy. 

The Future is in your hands,
Welcome aboard.

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Buy/Sell taxes

2% Redistribution on every transaction. You will Earn Asuna just by holding it! The more you have, the more you receive.

4% Marketing. With each buy you help the token to grow with marketing action and partnership with specialist in development in the crypto world.

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Ethereum ERC-20

ERC-20 tokens are crypto-assets designed and used solely on the Ethereum platform. A decentralized blockchain platform that establishes a peer-to-peer network that securely executes and verifies application code.

An open-source blockchain with smart chain functionality. It also allows for the creation and exchange of NFTs, which are non-interchangeable tokens connected to digital works of art or other real-world items and sold as unique digital property.

100% Ownership
Means this Project is for every person who owns this token! Community Driven Project participation with help of professional Developers, Marketing Analyst and SEO.
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The Future of Cryptocurrency is Asuna. Join our Official Platforms made for the people by the people.

How to buy Asuna

To avoid inaccurate transactions, we advised our new investors to ensure that you purchase the correct Asuna Token. Please copy and paste the contract below when adding the token to your ETH wallet when purchasing ASUNA on Uniswap.
Please follow carefully the step by step instructions on how to purchase Asuna.

1. Create a Wallet (e.g Metamask)

1. Create a Wallet on either your desktop or Mobile (e.g Metamask, Trustwallet, CB wallet) This will allow you to sell, send and receive your token.

**Remember: Do not give out your seed phrase to anyone.

2. Fund your wallet with ETH

You can buy Ethereum ($ETH) directly on wallet or you can transfer it from any exchange like Coinbase or Binance.
Please ensure to select ERC20 network when making the transfer.

3. Connect your wallet to the Uniswap.

Connect your Wallet to Uniswap by clicking connect to a wallet or using dapp by going to

4. Swap ETH for Asuna

Once you are in the swap section. Select ETH on the top box then Asuna to lower box to make the swap. Alternatively, you can add the Asuna contract address to import in Uniswap. Use 12-15% slippage. When making the swap it is advisable to use round numbers to your ETH. For example : Instead 2220000084.555 go for 2220000000 removing the decimal.

**Important Notice: please ensure you have the correct Asuna address below.

Asuna Contract Number:


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Asuna Token Chart

Click on either one of the logo below for detail pricing information
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Distribution of Tokens

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Asuna Token Chart

Click on either one of the logo below for detail pricing information
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Asuna Roadmap

The roadmap can always evolve and change as community grows.
Token Launch
1000+ Holders
Liquidity lock (5 years)
Community creation
Release V1 Whitepaper
Release V1 Website
Listing on small Mid Tier Coin Trackers
4,000+ Holders
Listing on CoinGecko
Listed on CoinMarketCap
Logo rebranding
Visual Identity udpated on CMC, CG, Etherscan
Release V2 Website
Release V2 Whitepaper
1st AMA
Smart Contract Audit
NFT Release
Partnerships with Influencers
Trending on Dextools
Advertising and promotion
Getting back to previous ATH
Achieve Top Gainer On CMC
8,000+ Holders
Mini P2E Game
First Cex Exchange
16,000+ Holders
Asuna VPN
Blokfolio Listing
More Marketing
Second Cex Exchange
Game with Betting on Duel
Advertise On Bigger Platforms
50,000+ Holders
Asuna SWAP
NFT Marketplace
Asuna Mask (Wallet)
New P2E Game
500M+ Marketcap
Roadmap under review from Asuna Team
and the Community.
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We believe transparency is a key factor for the success and longevity of our project and therefore we are commited to a series of measures aimed at making Asuna the most transparent project in the alt-crypto market.

Asuna Team

We are a diverse team of developers working together to liberate the community from financial oppression. We are team asuna
team asuna token robert
Business Development
team asuna olivier
Art Direction & IT
team asuna token mansoor
team asuna diana
Marketing & Communication
Be Part of Asuna Revolution!
Do you want to be part of Asuna Team or you think you have skills or a particular talent to help the Community and the Asuna Project? We want to hear about you!
Asuna is growing and we want You to grow with us.